G&G Construction Co.

Serving California's Concrete Construction Needs

Safety is our Goal

Our Safety Program

All of our employees at G&G Construction Co. are active participants in our safety program.  Our employees take part in a weekly safety tailgate meeting and our supervisors conduct daily safety inspections and make note of any possible hazards.  Our safety program won the OSHA Golden Gate award.

Heat Prevention

Because of our warm summer months throughout California, G&G Construction Co. is committed in the training and prevention of heat related injuries.  All of our employees are continuously trained on heat prevention techniques and we ensure that all of our work vehicles are equipped with water jugs and cups, shade canopies, and first AID kits.

Injury Reporting Process

All injuries are taken very seriously, which is why employees are encouraged to report all injuries even if they may seem minor.  Injured employees treatment and return to work is always our first priority and we make an extra effort to accommodate all modified duty employees.

Safety Rewards Program

We value our employee's efforts on a safe work environment which is why we have a program to not only encourage our employees but we also reward them for making safety their priority.